Project Sulphur

The “Sporadic” Update

Merlijn van der Kamp

Oh my, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Remember the time we said we would post a blog every week? Yeah, that’s not happening. Neither is two weeks. Instead, you’ll just get one every now and then. Hence, the sporadic update. More time for development, less time for writing blogs.

Changes, so many changes

I could write half a bible with all the changes that we made, but instead I’ll just give you a bullet point list of the most important changes over the past months:

  • Production
    • We no longer have a producer! Riko is doing skeletal (sekelatal) animations now.
    • Maarten ten Velden left the team… We will never forget his contributions
    • We’re on GitHub (again)! Yay!
  • Core engine
    • Added multithreading
    • Using job graph
    • Refactoring on several aspects, most notably the Entity Component System
  • Graphics
    • Added animations
    • Physically-based rendering
    • Frustum and layer based culling
    • Post-processing support
    • Material-based shading improvements
    • Multi-material mesh rendering
    • UI
    • Something lights something shaders blah
  • Physics
    • Constraints, transform locking, more collider shapes, scripting callbacks, compound shapes, raycasting, physics materials, all that good stuff is now implemented.
    • Optimized physics
    • Improved physics stability
  • Tools
    • UI/UX designs
    • Functional gizmos
    • Hierarchy window
    • Logging window
    • Freecam
    • Serialization
  • Builder
    • Support for more asset types
    • Stability and usability improvements
  • Audio
    • Fully implemented!
    • Exposed to Lua
  • Rewinder
    • Mostly implemented
  • Networking
    • Added gameplay networking
    • RPC and Value Sync support
    • Implemented in Engine
    • Exposed to Lua
  • Game
    • Created networked demo game!
    • 3rd person platformer
    • Has cool ledge-grabs
  • And a lot of bug fixes...

Most likely I forgot a bunch of things, and some of these are also still a work in progress. But it should give you at least a slight idea of how things have been progressing!

GIFs, so many GIFs

Technically most of them are videos but shhhhh don’t tell anyone.

I understand if such a list with fancy words might be a bit overwhelming and, to be fair, not interesting. So I present you the wonder of moving imagery to show off all the cool things we made:

Sulphur Rewinder:

Physics optimized:

Physics constraints:




Disco crocodile:


Translating gizmos Rotation gizmos Scale gizmos

Hierarchy view:

Hierarchy view


Work, so much work.

That’s where we are at as of now. We are approaching the last weeks of the project and are giving it our all to get a proper demo game out there. Our aim is to submit it to the Dutch Game Awards and knock the competition out of the park!

So, that wraps up this post. Time to get back to work. So many things still left to do, so little time. Hope you enjoyed the post, until next time!