Project Sulphur

Raymi's face
Raymi Klingers
Core engine
No longer product owner, so now doesn't do a lot except for being captain obvious. Although, he yells about Entity Component Systems a lot. Not sure what that's about. Still here so I guess he's still part of the team.
Kenneth's face
Kenneth Buijssen
Core engine
Still a typical programmer.
Angelo's face
Angelo van der Mark
Some guy with a preference for coding the back-end kind of things, mainly specialising in physics. Actually likes all major game development areas and the medium as a whole, but opts to play to his own strengths for the most part. And besides, physics is pretty rad. Occasionally makes things up and writes them down in his spare time.
Benjamin's face
Benjamin Waanders
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, not writing my own description I do regret. King of slacking but do not fret, I deliver my work on time, you bet! Physics is my bae as of yet, on making it success I am set.
Rodi's face
Rodi Lankester
Mainly specializes in graphics programming but for the start of this project he decided to take on the task of designing the scripting interface to learn more about scripting languages. He will also be supporting the design of the audio system as he has previous experience with doing so.
Daniël's face
Build Mangler
Graphics enthusiast and professional coffee drinker. Converts caffeine into code since 2009. Has an admiration for things that simply look good and satisfying. Always up for a gag & giggle while still taking his work seriously. When he's not programming he's probably making mad XP gains in RuneScape. Loves cows, they're the silent jury in the trial of mankind, moo.
Hilze's face
Graphics (PS4)
Graphics and PS4 programmer in the making. Is not required to do graphics, nor work with the PS4 but enjoys that combination the most. Currently developing a [REDACTED] with [REDACTED] for the [REDACTED]. It is really quite interesting.
Jelle's face
Graphics (Core)
Started making Minecraft mods to pick up chicks. This did not work, so decided to make an overly complicated Snake game. For better results, started to experiment on graphics API’s, but the mixing of dangerous chemicals caused it to explode. After six years of recovery, finally discovered the secret to summoning realistic looking chicks on screen.
Riko's face
Graphics (Core/DX12)
Lives, breathes and eats graphics. Raytracing is for scrubs. Also enjoys some good go-karting every now and then, to go along with his Formula 1 obsession. Obligatory coffee joke.
Yana's face
Graphics (DX12)
Only programmers get programming jokes. Only blondes don't get jokes about blondes. And jokes about blonde programmers - only Yana doesn't get those. This future cat lady is currently disguising herself as a graphics programmer. Gets severe headaches in the afternoon if she doesn't drink coffee. Must be really good.
Timo's face
Asset toolchain & Graphics
Asset pipeline programmer by choice. Graphics programmer at heart. Hater of Apple and Nintendo. Has been programming in C++ since high school. Has been playing the latest AAA games since long before that. Loves it when he finds something so interesting that he can't stop himself from working on it.
Joren's face
Having worked on the gameplay side for a multiplayer fps, Joren wanted to dig deeper into the world of networking. He has been programming since 2010, devoting his time between gameplay, engine and graphics programming.
Stan's face
This cute guy is going full-on tools. He will build the most average toolset ever. Nah, it'll be awesome. Probably. Maybe. I don't know, I just write descriptions. Edit: He's playing with Paint 3D, all hope is lost.
Merlijn's face
Website, UI/UX
The most important person on this team. After all, he made this website. Really likes milk, but in moderation. Pretends to be a designer during daytime, but has a secret love for 'programming' that comes out at night. Cleanup guy, does whatever needs doing.
Maarten's face
(Former) Tools & Core engine
No longer on the team, but was really good at breaking the build. Actually top tier programmer though. Will be missed. Until he breaks the build again.